Mateo y Bernabe Cerveza pack of 4 Beer

Mateo y Bernabe Cerveza pack of 4 Beer

Wijnmaker: Mateo y Bernabe
Price: €14,95 €12,36 Excl. tax

7 "Fermín" is a "Spanish Red Ale" and loves nuts, but also a lamb stew, roasted meat, Paella with rabbit and chorizo. As a cheese the best with ripe goat cheese. On July 7, six bulls each rushed through Pamplona after the thousands of daredevils. It is then San Fermín. The bull on the label is Spain's proud mascot.


11 "Bernabé falls under the Golden Ale category. And therefore fits well with roasted prawns, grilled pork, chicken, spicy oriental dishes, the cuisine of madras, India and soft cheese such as Manchego. A fish on the label. In 1521 the French surrounded the town of Logroño and the residents tried to starve. The river Ebro flows through the city and the fish from it kept the population alive. On June 11, 1521, the French were chased away, it was San Bernabé.


21 ‘Mateo’ is a wheat beer with a scythe on the label. This is the traditional tool used in the vineyards. The start of the harvest is traditionally celebrated on September 21, San Mateo. Serve cool with fish dish sushi, fresh salads and elegant Asian.

25 "Santiago" The st. Scallop on the label refers to July 25, San Tiago. The many pilgrims pass through Logroño on their way to Santiago de Compostela. It is a "Abbey" beer with spices and therefore fits well with powerful meat dishes, duck, goose, beef. But also hard cheeses.

Packed per 4 bottles. 4 x Content 33cl.

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