Pratello Lieti Conversari 2015 - Magnum

Wijnmaker: Pratello
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Manzoni Bianco is the most successful crossbreeding that Professor Manzoni made during a number of tests between 1930 and 1935. From the mother grapes Pinot Bianco and Riesling, this grape inherited its adaptation for several soil types. The grape is also mildew resistant and can withstand mildew.

In the media

Harold Hamersma

Recorded in 'the top 100 best wines of the year' by Harold Hamersma and received a fat 9 in his guide.

Lieti Conversari. Conversation piece. Thanks to that incrocio. Sounds exotic but means nothing other than crossing. And not of two roads, but in this case of two grapes. Result of some experiments in the thirties of the last century. Place of operation: the oldest wine training in the country, in Conegliano. There Professor Luigi Manzoni thought that crossing prosecco and nota bene cabernet sauvignon could lead to interesting white. And still damn it: it worked. Dried yellow apples and apricot, mandarin, bitter orange peel, spice, sun and citrus. And the conversation does not bite for a moment in obligatory chatter. At most a silence now and then. But that is significant. Then there is enjoyed.



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