Bodegas Vizar is owned by the Zarzuela family and is located on 80 hectares, close to the banks of the Rio Duero. Vizar is located in a wine-growing region "Mila de Oro" (The Golden Mile), an area blessed with a soil, climate and natural conditions that are ideal for growing grapes. The vineyards of the estate have witnessed various civilizations that have populated Spain. The estate was part of the village of Peñalba, which no longer exists due to religious wars. For a long time the estate belonged to the dukes of Alba. Over the years it has been owned by various hands until it ended with the current owners, the Zarzuela family.

The winery is modern, works very clean and uses state of the art technology. It is run by a very talented and experienced team of professionals who focus on producing the best wines. They value deep-rooted and respected traditions, important in one of the world's top wine-growing regions. Wine symbolizes brotherhood and friendship, a concept deeply rooted in Spanish culture.

The winery sees wine not only as a product, but as a possibility of meeting and the opportunity to create unity between people. The wines are the perfect excuse to spend a pleasant evening with the people who mean the most to us.

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