Leclerc Briant Champagne Cuvee Divine Brut 2007

Wijnmaker: Leclerc Briant
Price: €99,50 €82,23 Excl. tax
Grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Profile Sparkling dry
Match with Whitefish, Shellfish, Salmonids, Clambs
Year 2007
Appellation A.O.C. Champagne
Production Biodynamic

Sneak preview The Grote Hamersma 2019

Leclerc Briant 2006, Cuvée Divine Brut, Champagne (biological-dynamic) For the price of a fake Champagne in a dilapidated nightclub visit the new wing of Hotel Le Royal Champagne, the fully renovated luxury hotel spa that since the summer of 2018 in the Champagne and humanitarian hands of the firm Leclerc Braint. There the masseuses are also really masseuses. There the Champagne is also really Champagne. And you can just come home without having to hide your credit card bill. 'Honey, € 600.00 Pleasure Unlimited .. What was that?' Or your partner should not keep vintage vintage and the associated price tag. A good divorce lawyer is then a consideration but he does not even answer the telephone for a hundred euros. Anyway, so drink. No, enjoy. Only calm can save you. Lean backwards. Look out over the vignobles where 'Le Royal' is draped between. Majestic mousse. The smell of a boulanger who is baking brioches while the night is still young. Marmalade on toast. Apricot kernel. Farmer's butter. Cheese stems on porcelain. A number of stops from the truffle underground. But wait, let's stay until the end. Then do not forget to check out. Otherwise, a hundred will appear on the counter. Score The Great Hamersma 9.5 Well of Wine € 99.50

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