Well of Wine Chardonnay 2018

Wijnmaker: Well of Wine
Price: €8,95 €7,40 Excl. tax
Match with Aperitif/Reception
Pays d'Oc Pays d'Oc
Grapes Chardonnay
Profile medium-full bodied, dry with a touch of wood
Drink with Whitefish, Shellfish, Spicy Oriental, Salmonids, Clamps, Goat's cheese
Year 2018
Region Languedoc
Country France
Production Conventional

This Chardonnay has everything a chardonnay should have, depth but still fresh, well made with a hint of wood.


In the media

By Onno Kleyn – De Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper)

In these fast times, we drink fast white wine. Tight, fresh, razor-sharp sometimes, good for the morale, but not for the enamel of your teeth. There is also another. Round, opulent, Roubaisian pleated. Fans know the type and immediately think of standard-bearer Meursault, the richly fleshed fermented and matured Chardonnay from Bourgogne on rich oak. It is a dream for many, especially because a good Meursault is precious.

ln South France, we recognize our need. And so on my test table, a 'house wine' from Well of Wine appeared, the wood-ripened Chardonnay from the Languedoc. No, I can’t compare it to a Meursault; it does not have that deep underlying layer. But what a wine ... "a beech," grinned assistant Tom. It sings it waves, it twists and sways with ripe fruit, pineapple, browned butter, vanilla, it creams like crème Fraiche on fresh whole milk, it blushes and enchants, and all without becoming flat or empty. Invite melting fish dishes, sweet roast chickens and your beloved. A wine as an overture of a swirling opera between satin sheets.

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