Leclerc Briant Champagne Cuvee de Reserve Brut

Wijnmaker: Leclerc Briant
Price: €45,00 €37,19 Excl. tax
Grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and pinot Meunier
Profile Dry with a soft mousse
Match with Shellfish, Salmonids, Clambs, Whitefish and when you just want to drink Champagne
Year Without year, but the harvest is from 2014
Degorgement February 2019
Appellation A.O.C. Champagne
Dosage only 4 gramms of sugar
Production Biodynamic


In the Dutch media

The Grote Hamersma 2019

Re-testing was no longer necessary. After the very first introduction, I immediately received the highest possible honor. Was proclaimed Official House Champagne of the Hamersma Family. Proefschrift, which afterwards declared 'Best Champagne in the category between 30 and 40 euros', cannot compete with that. Unfortunately, the latter is no longer applicable: increasing popularity is accompanied by an increasing price. Anyway, a reason to test the test bottle offered: fresh dégorgement. But before we go for a taste (that will be spit inwards), let's talk about Leclerc Briant: tiny producer in Épernay. Until 2010 under the more than inspiring leadership of Pascal Leclerc. But fate struck. Leclerc died. And where then in wine tales, the children pick up everything and further perfect it, that kite did not go on this journey. Two large champagne houses, Lanson and Roederer, took away the loot, the latter being particularly interested in the 12 hectares of biodynamic vineyards of Leclerc, already 'clean' since 1947. A separate deal was subsequently concluded with an American investment company that immediately the entire team that worked for Leclerc was taken on again. Has now become one of the leading biodynamic producers. With their "simple" version here. Weighted dry and therefore never skimpy. Refined mousse without becoming too creamy. Viriel white fruit. Mining and uplifting.

The Omfietsgids 2018
We tend to drink champagne - or secretly pour it into the nearest planter - while putting away sometimes is also a good idea. Not out of pity for the nearest plant, but because good champagne is even better. If you, as a moderate person, open a bottle of this and drink a glass of it every day, you notice that the champagne is getting better and better.

Winelife December 2017
Champagne that makes you pleasantly warm even on a cold winter's day. Ripe, rich, fragrant. Sip as an aperitif and the rest you drink at the table with a fish in cream sauce or coq au champagne. To enjoy!


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