Domaine du Castel

Domaine du Castel is a small domain, located west of Jerusalem, in the old 'corridor' between Israel and its capital. A special wine estate in the old country. Owner and founder Eli Ben Zaken made it all happen by choosing a gradual build-up with an innate determination.
The vineyards are at an altitude of 700 meters, so there is enough cooling to keep the grapes fresh. There is much more rain here than you would expect, around 700 millimeters per year. Although most falls in the winter period, the amount of irrigation is very limited. An important quality factor is the density with which the vines are planted, 6700 per hectare, much higher than the 2200 vines that are common on other farms. They are not on private land, because the state has given it to the kibbutz. A rental contract has therefore been concluded with the kibbutz.
Eli's children, Ariel, Eytan and Ilana, continue the tradition. Ariel, who studied viticulture and winemaking for two years in Beaune, France, has been CEO of Domaine du Castel for over 15 years. Eytan was charged with managing the family restaurant in Jerusalem while continuing to study the art of winemaking with Eli. To this day, he holds the position of winemaker alongside his father. Ilana, the eldest daughter, is the director of Export & Purchasing of the winery.
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