Agua de Mondariz is a low-mineral water whose composition enhances its health benefits. The history of Mondariz revolves around the commercial exploitation of its medicinal mineral water, which was granted public utility status in 1873. Mondariz became one of the most important hydrotherapy centers in Spain and was the official supplier to the Spanish royal family for centuries. Mondariz is the market leader in Spanish spring water. Originating from the northwest of Spain (Galicia). The springs are located near Santiago de Compostela. The water was initially sold through pharmacies as beneficial water. Mondariz has a very low mineral content and is therefore very mild in taste.
Aquas de Mondariz complements and never overshadows other drinks, such as wine. It helps us understand and distinguish flavors. It restores our taste and allows us to taste again. Aguas de Mondariz mineral water is rich in bicarbonate and promotes good digestion. It is versatile and adds a sparkle to any meal, as well as providing the necessary balance to pair with any dish. Agua de Mondariz is a water with a low mineral content and an excellent source of iron for the body. A daily intake of two liters of Agua de Mondariz provides 20% of the recommended daily amount of this mineral. It has an estimated total hardness of 4.2 ºF and an estimated pH of 6.5. The connection at the table with fine wine is therefore remarkable.
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