Villa Mottura

It was 1927 when Pasquale Mottura looked out over the vast vineyards he had established over the years, hectare after hectare. For over 80 years (four generations), Pasquale's love for the land and care for his vineyards was passed on as a precious legacy from father to son. Mottura is now a leading maker of quality wines in the Salento and in Italy. Here, respect for tradition is combined with technological innovation.
For further quality improvement, winemaker Emiliano Rossi was asked for assistance. Emiliano is a highly respected winemaker, who also assists winery Pratello in northern Veneto. Furthermore, all important tasks are performed by the Mottura family themselves.
The Mottura estate is located in Tuglie, a small town in the southern part of the Salento peninsula. The building is still in its original state, a beautiful farmhouse of the late 19th century in Baroque style, whose cellars hide the secrets of an old family villa. Here the wines are slowly aged in oak barrels and barriques (225 litres) to develop the aromas, colors and atmospheres of the land.
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