Oriol Rossell

The Oriol Rossell domain is located in a protected zone of the Alt Peneds. The domain's origins date back to the late 16th century, as evidenced by references to the names Cassanyes and Rossell found in family records from the time. The two families came together in 1811 through the marriage of Damia Rossell to Madrona Cassanyes, heiress to the family estate. The tradition was continued from father to son and led to the creation of 'Oriol Rossell'. The family has been making cava for 30 years. All this time they have strived to uphold time-honoured traditions and to offer the best quality wines. The company has a limited production and, unlike many of its colleagues, prefers manual production over machine.
Harvesting is also done by hand in the cool of the early morning. This allows Oriol Rossell to carry out a first selection of grapes in the vineyard. The grapes are transported in small crates of 20 kg so as not to damage the fruit. Since they arrive at the winery in their entirety, they retain all their properties. From generation to generation, careful handling of the vineyards and winemaking has been ensured. Organic cultivation in the vineyard, slow and well-controlled fermentation in the cellar and finding the right grape composition are examples of this.
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