Terre di Sera

Well of Wine are known for knowing the hat and the brim. They know the suppliers personally. They visited the domain, inspected the wines on the spot, know exactly from which grapes they are made and also where the vineyards are, except for one wine, two actually.
Terre di Sera is a white-red duo from Italy of which nothing is known anymore except that it is a renowned company that makes the wines. But which grapes it concerns remains a secret. The origin of the fruit is not shared either, except that it concerns 100% Italian grapes. In fact, this is a wine that is atypical for Well of Wine. But the price-quality ratio is so charming that these wines could not be missed and many people have already been made happy with them.
Terre di Sera white has a light, dry, fresh appearance with only 11.5% alcohol. This slim Italian is best compared to a Soave. Freshly scented, not complex, dry and juicy.
Terre di Sera red is a sparkling cherry red in color, finely fruity, even with some depth. This wine has quite a bit of body and a decent alcohol percentage of 13%.
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