Brigaldara Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 2017

Wijnmaker: Brigaldara
Price: €19,95 €16,49 Excl. tax
Grapes Rondinella, Corvina, Corvinone
Profile Fruity with body and oak aging
Match with Spicy Oriental, Red meat, strong Cheese, clove- and cumin Cheese, Wild
Year 2017
Region Veneto
Appellation D.O.C.G. Amarone della Valpolicella
Country Italy
Production Conventional

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso is made by taking the Valpolicella wine from that harvest and fermenting it for the second time with the grape skins used to make the Amarone. Because these peels contain a high sugar content because of the drying process, this causes a second fermentation. The fermentation proceeds slowly for 5 days and enriches the structure of the wine.
The wine also gets new aromas from the contact with the dried grapes and these change the character. The wine is well structured with a good balance in taste. In the fragrance it has light aromas of ripe and dried fruit, which evolve during the ripening process to give the wine complexity.
The Great Hamerma
'Full bin Ripasso. Put the figs, dates, currants, raisins, bitter chocolate with nuts down there. Then I put a few cherries on juice, vomited plums and speculaas herbs next to it. Is the perfect companion of red meat and cheese according to the back label. Or 'to sip like that'. Zeker. But in the latter case I would really first ensure that I ate a lot. '
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