López de Haro

Located in the historic village of San Vincente de la Sonsierra, Bodega López de Haro rises above a 'sea of ​​vineyards', flanked by the rivers Ebro and Sierra de Toloño. The bodega is completely excavated on the side of a mountain. The wine selection is named after Don Diego López de Haro, founder of the city of Bilbao. Hacienda López de Haro is a series of wines that combines the simplicity and elegance of great classics with today's consumer tastes. The terroir in this region is made of calcareous clay. This results in a wine with refined freshness and a pleasant length and aftertaste.
All the wines at Bodega Hacienda López de Haro have something in common: grapes from the best wine regions of the D.O. Rioja, the dedication with which the winemakers work the vineyard and the affection the winemakers put into the preparation of each wine. From the moment the grapes are received in the bodega, only gravity is used to move the wine. That means no pumps are used, which is better for the grapes and ultimately better for the wine.
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