Jean Faux Chateau Jean Faux 2015

Wijnmaker: Jean Faux
Price: €24,95 €20,62 Excl. tax

Wine bar maker Jean Faux looked at the use of wood worldwide before he started making wine himself. His 'wooden touch' is therefore of a level! Very balanced and delicate.

The top wine of Jean Faux.

One of the most important wine regions in the world for bottled wines is Bordeaux. Here, simple wines are made for everyday use, but also wines of higher origin. Wines with much more structure than the simpler qualities. Wines that need many years to reach full maturity. Especially when the wine year cooperates, the storage potential increases and wines can be produced that can be kept for 10, 15 or 25 years. The very largest wines are priceless. But that does not mean that everything that bears the title Grand Vin immediately requires a bank robbery to pay the bill. There are also really great wines in Bordeaux that do not cost the world and have a lot of storage potential.

Chateau Jean Faux. Bordeaux Superior.

This super wine (and also the second wine, La Dame de Jean Faux) received huge reviews. Wine writer Harold Hamersma handed out a 9 for the Dame and a 9+ for the Grand Vin In addition, BOTH wines ended in his personal top 100 of best wines of the year. The man behind this super Bordeaux is Pascal Colotte, founder of Saury, one of the best wine barrels in the world. He has been working organic since 2002 and also applied for the biodynamic certificate in 2015.

2015 Chateau Jean Faux Grand Vin.

In his first full year in biodynamics, winemaker Pascal Colotte turned the nail on its head. The color of this super wine is deep dark cherry red. The aroma is still underdeveloped but leaves mountains ripe red fruit and some juicy berries, all elegantly substantiated with beautiful wood tones. In the mouth it is a big, concentrated giant. Deep fruit, beautiful wood, firm tannins that are perfectly incorporated in the wine, just like the alcohol. Above all, the almost juicy maturity of the wine stands out. This is by far the best wine we ever tasted from this castle.




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